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If you have been one of the chosen ones to make a wedding speech, then make sure that you are up for it. Having a friend say a great wedding speech laced with funny anecdotes and incidents is one of the surefire methods of having a great wedding. So as a dedication to your friend, who might be the bride or the groom, you should be prepared with a great speech. But if you have no idea what so say in the speech, thenĀ  this article is for you. Here are a few tips which will help you with a memorable speech which everyone will remember.

First and foremost, make a point not to include anything in the speech which will bring back bad memories. There should not be anything inlcuded which is reminiscent of an ugly incident or mishap. The speech should not upset the bride or the groom or anyone present at the event. The speech should be about positive things and looking forward to the future with a great optimistic view. If you have to include an incident about anyone passimng away or any incident in the same vein, then make sure that you talk to the couple before hand. This will prepare them for the same and if they have any problem with it, they can talk to you about it.

Talking about a deceased person is generally not a good idea unless the couple want the topic to be broached since it can kindle unpleasant memories. This can be extremely painful if the couple is still in mourning. So talk to them while preparing the speech which will give them an idea of how the entire thing is going to unfold. One more taboo topic which should be avoided at all costs is marital problems. No one wants to hear about such problems during an event which is supposed to bring joy and happiness. So avoid this at all costs. Apart from this, avoid any topics which might cover aspects like drugs, money matters, or alcoholism.

There might also be some people who might have been married previously and this would be their second marriage. Never breach such topics as these might be sensitive for them. Also, the general mood of the marriage undergoes a drastic change when people breach such topics. Also, make sure that you know all the details of an incident if you are going to talk about it. There is nothing more embarrassing than knowing only half the story and harping on the same. one final thing to be avoided is dirty jokes as the wedding will have all sorts of people and they might get offended by the same.

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