Getting the Wedding Invite Right

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Since marriage is the single most important event in a person’s life for many people, it is only fair that they want to make it very special. But most people have this misconception that splashing money around can make your wedding classy and sophisticated. Take for instance; splurging $5 for a single invite is not financially rational. It will make your wedding invite sophisticated most probably but that does not mean a lower priced invite won’t be classy. There are many types of cards which will be elegant in their own right if you know how to design it. Thought should be given to depiction of the details rather than simply spending huge amounts of money. Even a simple card can be made to look classy and beautiful if you are able to get the detailing right.

The best part is that you can experiment with the look of the card. With the huge amount of stationary available to you nowadays, it is only fun to experiment to get the true potential of the same. There are a million ways in which the details can be arranged on the card to make it look interesting. The proper designing can transform a simple card from boring to dazzling in an instant. As in with the stationary, the same can be done with the color of the card paper. There is no need to stick to the traditional white color which is generally used for wedding invites. Since it is your wedding, you have the full right to experiment with different colors which can make the whole affair lots interesting.

When the color is chosen, the next step you can do is to choose the texture and thickness of the same. Paper comes in a variety of thickness and textures which makes it more interesting to couple it with creative designs. Next, you can choose a totally different font for the script to be written in. This will surely act as an attention puller when you distribute the cards. You can also add a nice and stylish monogram which will help accentuate the beauty of the card and the font.

Once the base color is chosen, you can add a whole lot of stuff to the card. For instance, you can emboss the card and add borders to the same. But you also need to understand that going over the top will not count as being classy and sophisticated. Whatever you do should be in accordance with the theme of the wedding as well as the color of the card. You can’t simply add whatever you like without checking whether it goes well with the other elements of the card. So choose the elements wisely and have a blast by creating a card which stands out from the rest!

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