Wedding Planner Career Options

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Not long ago, people all over the world were hesitant to try out alternate career options solely becauser of the fact that there was no stability. They wanted a job which would afford them a good salary and the cah would keep flowing in even when they were old and could not work. But as times change, people have started exploring various career options. One of these is becoming a wedding planner. Being a wedding planner offers a variety of options to you. Apart from the fact that this can turn you into a good manager, it also affords you the chance to meet loads of new people and be able to give them a bit of happiness on their wedding day.

Due to the economic recession we are going through, most people are apprehensive about stepping into this field because they believe that people won’t be willing to hire wedding planners. This could not have been farther away from the truth because this is the time when the need for wedding planners will be at the maximum. Since there is a shortage of funds and people would not want to splurge, they will require a planner who can give them best value for their money and make their wedding memorable. This is one of the first myths that is doing the rounds nowadays. Apartf rom this, there is also the myth that in order to become a professional wedding planner, you need to have certification available. This is not true. Though it is very necessary that you have got hands-on experience about planning a wedding, it is absolutely unimportant to have certification. You should be experienced in the entire process though and this can be done by doing a couple of degree courses or getting an internship under a professional wedding planner.

Finally, some people believe that wedding planners are essentially women who are young and have entered the business after their own marriages. This is not necessary and you do not have to be a woman. You can be a man who can be a great manager and have your own team of assistants which might include women. The essential thing out here is to remember that the point of a good planned marriage event is to get the best value for your money. Wedding planners have been stereotyped because of Hollywood movies but you need not worry about that because people will come to you as long as you work hard and intelligently. So all you have to do is to get out there in the field with a decent amount of experience and start planning people’s weddings!

Wedding Bags for Women

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A wedding is one of the most memorable incidents in the life of a woman. They accord great importance to it since this is the occasion when they believe that they have found the love of their life and are prepared to spend the rest of their life with them. This is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and they are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that this is very memorable. Among other things that women crave for, wedding bags is one of the most imporatnt. Every women accords great importance to their looks and style and bags, as we all know, plays an integral part in it.

The entire ensemble of a person during her wedding needs to be spot on as it is their special day. Every woman wants to look her best on the wedding day as this will serve as a memory for the rest of their lives. Apart from the normal style aspects like shoes, the wedding gown and the like, bags play an imporatnt role in the entire style statement. But if you do not know how to go about the whole process, then here are a few tips which will help you to get an idea of how to look your best on the wedding day. The first tip here is to match the bag with the theme of the wedding. Since every dress and the décor of the event will be in accordance with the theme of the wedding, it is important that you match the bag with the dress. It can be of the same color or at least a colr which matches with the dress. If you are not abhle to find a bag which will go with the color of the dress, then do not fret as there are a myriad shops which take up customising jobs. You can order a bag of the color that you want and in the style you desire for a very nominal fee.

Before you order the bag, make sure that the style of the same also matches the dress. Apart from the color, it is very important that you match the style too. There is a wide range of bags which you can choose from. If you are unable to find something that you love in the stores, then you can always search in the online world. This provides you with a wider range of options. You can either opt for big bags or small clutches depending on the them of the wedding. When all this id done, make sure that you carry the bag in the manner in which it needs to be done. This will ensure that you are the most stylish and gorgeous woman on your wedding night!

The Perfect Wedding Speech for the Groom

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When you have decided to marry that single most important woman in your life, there are a lot of things which you start to take responsibility for. These are all done out of love for her. But when you are getting married to her in the wedding, you will be expected to make a speech which should highlight all the funny things that you have shared with her and should also convey how much you love her. But most guys are not able to do this as they bungle up the perfect groom speech. There are some tips which should be followed so that you can come up with the perfect speech which will not only make the bride love you even more but also insert a few light moments into the wedding event.

First and foremost, think about the audience who will be present in the wedding. Primarily, it will consist of your family, your bride and her family. So as a result, you should prepare a speech which will be directed at them, and should be able to convey to them your love and appreciation for always being there with you. The next step to keep in mind is to think the speech through. Do not just write whatever comes into your mind. Have a clear idea of how the speech is going to start and where is it meant to move. This will help you to connect relative incidents or jokes in the precise manner and thus, will be interesting for everyone else present at the wedding.

The next step is to keep it short. No matter, how interesting the speech is, every speech tends to sink if it is more than 3-4 minutes long. People always get bored with the length of the dialogue if it is more than 3 minutes. If you are not sure how long the speech is going to be then, time the entire speech when you practice before the wedding. Before ending the speech, do not forget to thank every person who has helped with the wedding, no matter how small the contribution may be. This will put a smile on their face. Finally, before the wedding, always confer with the father of the bride and the best man at your wedding to find out whether your speeches are overlapping. Same words and lines should be avoided at all costs as this will be highly embarrassing for everyone involved.

All in all, the speech should be short and filled with a few funny anecdotes. It should have its share of romantic words to make your bride feel loved. You should thank everyone who is involved in the wedding and finally, do not add any words or lines which would embarrass anyone.

Setting the Music for your Wedding

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Most people have fond memories of the time when they got married as it marks one of the most special occasions in their life. So it is only natural that they want every aspect of the wedding to be special and noteworthy. Music plays an important role in the memories of a marriage. Music is not only reminiscent of the tmes the bride and the groom had shared special moments but it is also instrumental in livening up the proceedings. It is imporatnt to ensure that the guests have a good time so that their wedding is remembered for time to come.

Unlike traditional weddings where people used to hire an entire band for the music, most weddings are supervised by a DJ nowadays. He is responsible for setting the tone of the weddimg and getting the people on the dance floor before and after the wedding. So there are some points which you need to cover before you choose or hire any particular DJ for the same. if you are not sure of how the music should be at your wedding, then there are many wedding planners in the form of agencies who will be more than happy to accommodate your wishes and help you to choose the perfect DJ for the wedding, keeping the mind the theme of the same.

Here are a few tips which will help you to choose the perfect DJ who will be able to make the wedding a memorable one. The first and foremost thing to remember while selectinbg a DJ is that there should be more than one DJ for the wedding. There are a whole lot of things which can go wrong during the wedding. So having an extra DJ handy for the wedding is always a good idea. Having a couple of DJs ensures that there is amount of dead air during the wedding or the reception. Also, the two DJs will be able to collaborate on the set pieces and will be transit between songs better than just one DJ.

Always communicate to the DJ what you and the guests would like to hear at the wedding. Playing the same songs over and over again is going to kill the mood of the wedding and make it a real dampener. So the DJ should have an inkling of what songs are reminiscent of special moments and fun moments and the like. Also, the general music should be played keeping in mind the theme of the wedding. There are a whole lot of DJ companies who provide reviews of their personnel on websites. So it is a good idea to fish around for a while before choosing the best DJ!

Making A Great Wedding Speech

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If you have been one of the chosen ones to make a wedding speech, then make sure that you are up for it. Having a friend say a great wedding speech laced with funny anecdotes and incidents is one of the surefire methods of having a great wedding. So as a dedication to your friend, who might be the bride or the groom, you should be prepared with a great speech. But if you have no idea what so say in the speech, then  this article is for you. Here are a few tips which will help you with a memorable speech which everyone will remember.

First and foremost, make a point not to include anything in the speech which will bring back bad memories. There should not be anything inlcuded which is reminiscent of an ugly incident or mishap. The speech should not upset the bride or the groom or anyone present at the event. The speech should be about positive things and looking forward to the future with a great optimistic view. If you have to include an incident about anyone passimng away or any incident in the same vein, then make sure that you talk to the couple before hand. This will prepare them for the same and if they have any problem with it, they can talk to you about it.

Talking about a deceased person is generally not a good idea unless the couple want the topic to be broached since it can kindle unpleasant memories. This can be extremely painful if the couple is still in mourning. So talk to them while preparing the speech which will give them an idea of how the entire thing is going to unfold. One more taboo topic which should be avoided at all costs is marital problems. No one wants to hear about such problems during an event which is supposed to bring joy and happiness. So avoid this at all costs. Apart from this, avoid any topics which might cover aspects like drugs, money matters, or alcoholism.

There might also be some people who might have been married previously and this would be their second marriage. Never breach such topics as these might be sensitive for them. Also, the general mood of the marriage undergoes a drastic change when people breach such topics. Also, make sure that you know all the details of an incident if you are going to talk about it. There is nothing more embarrassing than knowing only half the story and harping on the same. one final thing to be avoided is dirty jokes as the wedding will have all sorts of people and they might get offended by the same.

Make your Wedding Different

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A wedding is one of the greatest occasions in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make it their most special day since this is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. There are a whole lot of aspects which need to be taken care of while planning your own wedding. Right from the flowers to the dress to the cake, everything needs to be perfect since you won’t get a second chance with this. More importantly for the bride, the wedding gown needs to be perfect as is the décor of the party. Though there are a lot of options available to take your pick, of a wedding planner, from, it is always better and more fun to do all the planning yourself. Though it might really get stressful during the course of the last few months before the wedding, it will all be worth it if the entire event is able to bring the best out of everyone present for the same.

Always start with the parts which do not require much time to sort out. For instance, the florist needs to be sorted out as early as possible. First decide on the type of flowers you would want for the wedding and the amount of the same. Choose the flowers keeping in mind the theme of the marriage. Next choose the florist after checking a few options. Though there might be a florist who might offer you lower rates than the previous one, it is always better to opt for the one who looks more reliable. After all, you can’t be running around on your wedding day for someone to deliver the flowers. Next is the wedding gown for the event. Though most women know already which dress they would like to wear on their special day, it does not hurt to file around a few stores. There are a number of stores which specialize in wedding gowns during the marriage season. If you find them too expensive, then there is always the option of opting for last year’s fashion since these would be available cheaply off a sale counter. In addition to this, make sure that you get the bridesmaids to dress accordingly. Have a set of accessories which would highlight the dress.

Finally, every marriage needs to have some memories which can be preserved. This is where the photographers step in. There is always the doubt whether you should hire a professional photographer or ask a relative to click the pictures. Though it would be a little expensive, it is always better to choose the first option since it does not do much to your memories if the next day you wake up to see that you are nowhere to be found in the vows frame!

Lose Weight for the Wedding

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If you have finally decided to get married and the date is not situated sometime away in the next century, then you probably do not have enough time to take the advice and suggestions of a complicated weight loss book or attend a bridal boot camp. So what do you do in such situations? You simply cannot attend your own wedding looking overweight when everyone’s expecting you to look your best. This can be particularly stressful if you do not know the exact way to go about it. But do not worry as losing weight before the wedding event is not a rarity. There are loads of people all over the world who follow various types of methods to lose weight so that they can fit into the dazzling wedding gown which is two sizes smaller than their present size.

There are a lot of methods which can help you to lose weight but we will be discussing a simple one out here which is guaranteed to work without any side-effects. This was recently discussed on the Oprah Winfrey show and it has given many overweight people a new ray of hope. It does not matter when your big day is. You can use this diet to slip into the gown in as little as a week’s time. The diet used here is the acai diet which is filled with antioxidants. Apart from this, there is a huge amount of vitamins and minerals coupled with metabolic boosters which accentuate the process of fat burning. They help in burning the same amount of fat which you would have burnt over a longer period of time had you opted for any other diet. The best part about the acai diet is that it boosts the fat burning process as well as suppresses your junk food craving which does not allow you to hog food whenever no one’s there.

When you have the first dose of the acai diet in the morning, you will find that you have oodles of energy which keep you going for the entire day. A bit similar to coffee, the acai diet is without the side-effects of coffee which will keep you high-strung the rest of the day. Due to the absence of any artificial elements in the diet, there are absolutely no side-effects. Most of the other diet systems contain stimulants and caffeine which ultimately devastate your body metabolism in the longer run. With the proper use of this diet, you can expect to lose anything between 5lbs to 6 lbs in the first week itself. This is an extremely easy diet to follow with the added advantage of not getting the urge to hog on unhealthy foods!

Getting the Wedding Invite Right

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Since marriage is the single most important event in a person’s life for many people, it is only fair that they want to make it very special. But most people have this misconception that splashing money around can make your wedding classy and sophisticated. Take for instance; splurging $5 for a single invite is not financially rational. It will make your wedding invite sophisticated most probably but that does not mean a lower priced invite won’t be classy. There are many types of cards which will be elegant in their own right if you know how to design it. Thought should be given to depiction of the details rather than simply spending huge amounts of money. Even a simple card can be made to look classy and beautiful if you are able to get the detailing right.

The best part is that you can experiment with the look of the card. With the huge amount of stationary available to you nowadays, it is only fun to experiment to get the true potential of the same. There are a million ways in which the details can be arranged on the card to make it look interesting. The proper designing can transform a simple card from boring to dazzling in an instant. As in with the stationary, the same can be done with the color of the card paper. There is no need to stick to the traditional white color which is generally used for wedding invites. Since it is your wedding, you have the full right to experiment with different colors which can make the whole affair lots interesting.

When the color is chosen, the next step you can do is to choose the texture and thickness of the same. Paper comes in a variety of thickness and textures which makes it more interesting to couple it with creative designs. Next, you can choose a totally different font for the script to be written in. This will surely act as an attention puller when you distribute the cards. You can also add a nice and stylish monogram which will help accentuate the beauty of the card and the font.

Once the base color is chosen, you can add a whole lot of stuff to the card. For instance, you can emboss the card and add borders to the same. But you also need to understand that going over the top will not count as being classy and sophisticated. Whatever you do should be in accordance with the theme of the wedding as well as the color of the card. You can’t simply add whatever you like without checking whether it goes well with the other elements of the card. So choose the elements wisely and have a blast by creating a card which stands out from the rest!

Budget Wedding Planning

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In these times of economic recession, many people cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. So it is only expected that they have a wedding which would fit into their budget. But not all people know how to plan a wedding keeping the budget under wraps and under control. But don’t you worry as there are many ways in which you can still have a wonderful wedding inspite of not having extravagant funds. You can still have the dress of your dreams or have the same number of guests that you had planned when there was no recession.

There are some tips which if followed will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without having to cut down on the festivities. First of all, the most important part of the wedding for the bride is the dress or the wedding gown. Though it might not be possible for you to pull off the latest Jean Paul Gauttiere wedding gown for the wedding due to lack of funds, it is not necessary that you won’t be able to look anything less than gorgeous. If you are fine with the fact that you might be wearing last season’s designs then pull them off clearance sale racks. Apart from this, there are a lot of bridal stores which offer huge discounts during the other half of the year when marriages are not taking place. If you are planning to have a wedding later in the year during the marriage season, then it would not hurt you to shop for a gown at a discounted price.

Next in line is the venue for the grand event. Most people do not mind getting married at a church since it offers them a very cheap option. Most churches require a small donation for the use of the church and the minister’s fees. Sometimes, the church might also be used for the reception if there is no loud music being played or alcohol being served. Apart from this, the other potential venues which are affordable options are parks or someone’s home. You can also take the liberty of holding the ceremony at the beach because this will make your wedding very different and be memorable.

Finally, the aspect of the flowers comes into contention. If you are planning to have the wedding at a church, then there is ample chance of saving money as most of the churches have their own florists who will be able to work at a much subsidized rate. Keeping these tips in mind, it is possible to have a great wedding without having to splash your restricted cash!

Basic Wedding Plans

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If you have been closely related to any wedding ever, you might have observed that the bride always has a wedding plan checklist which she takes pains to cross out after every aspect of the wedding is taken care of. For most people, a wedding is one of the most special occasions in their lives, if not the most important. So it is only natural that they want it to be exceptional. A wedding plan checklist contains all the tasks and aspects of the wedding which the bride wants to be there for her wedding. In all probablity it will contain aspects to be covered over the last 18 months before the wedding.

If you are not sure of what you want in your own wedding, then there are generic wedding plan checklists which can be got from the internet or from a relative who is married. But most people are very adept at creating their own checklist as it affords them their own personalisation of the wedding process. But before getting your own checklist done, do consult a generic checklist so that you are sure not to miss out on any particular aspect. For the record, you can easily locate generic checklists online at various websites and also bridal magazines which are being sold by the dozen nowadays. Do not just copy the first generic checklist that comes your way. Take time out to consult at least a couple of checklists so that you can opt for the one which appeals to you most. Some of the checklists are very comprehensively done and sometimes they are accompanied by a wedding planner and a budget is thrown in for good effect.

The first step to do now that you have the checlist with you is to set up the same on the computer. Keep a calendar handy so that you can synchronize the events in the checklist with specific dates. This will help you to maintain a strict schedule since wedding plans can go horribly wrong and give rise to unwanted stress. The checklist which you have got the ideas may have been designed for a specific period of time like 18 months or so. Since you might not be having the same amount of time for the wedding to take place, arrange the plans in the checklist according to the time that’s available to you.

All of the events which are of paramount importance to any wedding should be included in the same. For instance, a reception, ceremony, invites and transport aspects have to be taken care of long before the actual wedding is to take place so that there is no last minute confusion. Having a wedding plan checklist is a good thing because it allows the bride that extra amount of luxury in times of stress.